You are not your user

Testing your product with real users is extremely important because it allows you to overcome your own bias as someone highly involved in the design process and discover pain points you hadn’t encountered before.

Remote usability testing tools

Usability Testing is, for example, the best way to understand the why behind metrics you observe in analytics: Why is your conversion low at certain bits? High cart abandonment rate? Areas with intense drop rates?

It can also work as a way to:

  • Check if your branding and imagery are evoking the right emotions on your target audience
  • Check what your competition is doing right (And what it is not)
  • Test early to launch faster

Until recently the only way to conduct these tests was to create a set-up in-house and manually recruit users to test your products or pay high amounts to agencies conduct them and then report back.

Nowadays the history is different: For a fraction of that cost you can get remote usability testings of your target audience done in a couple of hours and delivered to your inbox. There is a great variety of options available, but what are the best? We have listed our five favorites below.

Top Remote Usability Testing Tools

userzoom – Extremely popular in the UK, it delivers different methods of Remote Usability Testing: From videos to mobile surveys. Unlike most platforms it allows you to recruit your own users to perform the tests. You can also hire their team of UX experts team to conduct the tests for you and analyze the results.

WhatUsersDo – Each video of a user performing a task (The task is up for you to choose) on your website or app costs 23 euros. For 2,500 euros, their team of experienced UX designers will conduct the tests and analyze them for you.

UsabilityHub – A wide selection of Usability Tests are offered for your product. You can, for example, use their “Five Second Test” to see what your audience recalls after looking at your website for just five sections. Using their Pro Plan (99/month), you also have access to advanced features such as demographic targeting and A/B Testing.

UserTesting – With a large audience of remote testers from various demographics to choose from (Probably the largest among the ones listed), each video costs $49 (With a Pro plan available for larger organizations) and is delivered in less than one hour.

About the author

Fabio Muniz is a Product Designer working mainly with early and growth stage startups. Visit for his portfolio and ways to get in touch.