Here are some things related to testing and the software development industry that caught our attention this month…

Software testing monthly roundup


Articles Related to Testing

Testing in Production: Risk vs. Reward
A look at how to approach testing in the production environment, and various risks/rewards that come with this practice.

3 Tips To Help Testers Ask Better Questions
Part of testing is asking questions – these tips will help you ask the right ones.

Test Plans – The Quest For Success
It’s important to be prepared for your tests.  Taking the time to write a proper test plan can help.

Using the Silo Effect to Your Advantage
The silo effect is typically a bad thing.  But here’s how to use it to your advantage in the world of testing.

How the Top Companies Torture-Test Their Drones
Cinderblocks and freezing temperatures are both involved in testing some drones.  Talk about “stress testing”!

Industry Related Posts

Why Agile Fails in Large Enterprises
Agile development is extremely common today with small teams… here’s an interesting look at why agile development might not always work with large enterprise companies.

How To Send Email Like a Startup
A comprehensive guide to effective emails every startup should keep in their back pocket.

5 Ways to Increase Productivity if You Work From Home
Some short, practical tips to being more productive from home.

5 Customer Service and Experience Trends You Can’t Ignore
Customer service is more important than ever – check out these trends and make sure you’re adapting to the change!