Here are some things related to testing and the software development industry that caught our attention this month…

Testing monthly roundup

Articles Related to Testing

Agile Acceptance Testing Anti-Patterns
An informative read on various “acceptance testing” scenarios.

The Agile Testing Mindset in the DevOps World
A look at “DevOps” and how it relates to the world of testing.

Top 13 Tips for Writing Effective Test Cases for Any Application
Tips you can implement today to start writing better test cases.

What is Integration Testing?
In-depth Q&A on the topic of integration testing – one of many types of software testing.

Industry Related Posts

Why One Real Estate CIO is Sold on Agile
A look at how/why a real estate company is leveraging agile development.

10 Good Reasons Why Working Remotely Makes Sense
A positive look at working remotely, including many of the same advantages we’ve discussed on the TestLodge blog.

3 Resolutions For Better Agile Ceremonies
How Atlassian improved their agile practice by focusing on three of it’s components.

4 Essential Usability Tips for 2016
Good usability promotes “quality” in products – here’s how to make sure usability is a priority.

Software Bug Exposes Uber Driver’s Tax Info
Yikes! Looks like some additional security testing should have been done here.