Here are some things related to testing and the software development industry that caught our attention this month…

Testing monthly roundup

Articles Related to Testing

The Software Testing Identify Crisis
Software testers carry a wide range of titles.  Here’s a look at some of the ways  that the Guardian’s testing team works.

Document Exploratory Testing Using Mind Maps
Exploratory testing can be a fun and effective way to test software.  This is an interesting look at how you can use mind maps with exploratory testing.

The Value of Merely Imagining a Test
Thoughts on the value of writing test cases.

6 Tips for Software Testers on Asking Questions
By asking questions (who, what, where, why) we can often get more detail out of certain problems and scenarios.

4 Steps to Level Up Your Testing Game and Advance your Career
Four basic tips for honing your testing skills and being the best you can be.

Ford Begins Testing it’s Self-driving Cars in a 32-acre Fake City
Talk about a test environment!  Ford built an entire city including 40 buildings, a bridge, tunnel, traffic circle, and more to test their self-driving cars.

Quality Assured: What It’s Really Like To Test Games For A Living
Growing up, we hear about cool jobs where you get to play games all day and get paid for it.  This article may shift your perception of that career path.

Is QA Dead?
A look at automated testing vs manual testing and how automated testing helps you spend more time on manual testing.

Industry Related Posts

Corrello is a new third-party add-on for Trello, allowing you to quickly create charts that display data for your Trello boards.

How Can You Innovate Better with the 3 Questions Startups Always Ask
An interesting look on how you can improve innovation using the startup mentality.

Wal-Mart Revamps E-commerce Technology as Amazon Applies Pressure
Wal-mart has dominated the brick and mortar commerce market, but in order to stay in the e-commerce game, they need to innovate.  They are using agile development methodologies to step up their technology game.

The Founders of $3 billion Atlassian Won’t Be Happy Until 100 Million People Use it Every Month
When Atlassian started, the founders set a goal of acquiring 50,000 customers.  They recently reached that goal and have set a new goal: get 100 million people using their products every month.

5 Ways User Experience Can Be A Beautiful Thing for the Enterprise
UX in consumer software products is often a high priority – and if it’s not, the software probably doesn’t last long.  In the enterprise space, UX can be a wash.  Here are 5 ways you can make sure UX doesn’t get left behind in enterprise software development.