Here are some things related to testing and the software development industry that caught our attention this month…

Software testing monthly roundup

Articles Related to Testing

Volkswagon scandal: software developers need a code of ethics
A look at the Volkswagon emissions testing scandal and how a “code of ethics” may be necessary in order to keep software development honest.

Bad User Experiences: How Analytics Can Help App Testing
Usability testing is a crucial part of software development.  Pairing analytics with usability testing can add value to your product and improve the customer experience.

Why App Beta Testing is Important
There are a variety of testing methodologies.  Not every company will conduct each type of testing, but skipping testing all together will cost more money in the end.

How To Do A/B Testing Right And Avoid The Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make
A/B testing, not typically something done in the “QA” department, is often used to experiment with various outcomes and results.

Industry Related Articles

What does agile development mean for marketers?
There are pros and cons of agile development that affect marketers.

Turns out there’s a downside for companies that allow working from home, too
A study determined that when companies allow there employees to work from home, their employees often find less value to coming into the office, which creates a void in social interactions.

How to Find the Perfect Remote work Spot
A variety of tips for finding an ideal spot to work remotely.

What do we really mean by Agile?
An overview of 4 types of “Agile”.

3 Tech Most Dos for a Smoother User Experience
A look at how using a PaaS (Platform as a service) can help provide a consistent user experience.

Fog Creek launches Chatterbug, a free issue-tracker bot that you can use in Slack
The creators of Trello have released a new bug tracking tool that integrates tightly with Slack, a popular team communication tool.