Here are some things related to testing and the software development industry that caught our attention this month…

Testing monthly roundup

Articles Related to Testing

Certified Software Testers Swat Software Bugs
Get certified in Agile Testing from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).  The Agile Testing extension is one of the newer certifications offered.

10 app tests that belong in your QA playbook

“Even if an app performs the functions it was designed for, it’s not very useful if users can’t understand or use it. This makes it important for QA to work together with end users in app testing to ensure that the app’s human factors and usability check out.”

Software Testing: Show me the money!

“The spend globally on Software Testing services is showing rapid increase annually, but many organisations still do not see the need to test software, or simply neglect to budget sufficiently.”

New testing strategies are required for a connected world

“A crucial step for successful integration in a digital world is to reduce test cycle time through the adoption of swift practices and a dynamic test engineering platform. This means fast, responsive QA and testing solutions integrated with agile development.”

Why Continuous Deployment Just Keeps On Giving

In addition to shortening the feedback loop, there are many unexpected benefits of continuous deployment.

Industry Related Articles

Four Lessons That 30+ Years of Software Development Has Taught Me About Building Games
“As much as I can, I urge people to get into coding even if they will never write a line of production code for the rest of their lives, simply because it makes them more rational problem solvers.”

The coolest iOS 9 feature you probably don’t know about

Apple brings deep-linking to iOS 9, allowing the ability to link between two apps.

Developers can now stop their Chrome extensions from working in Incognito mode

Google is testing out the ability for developers to not allow extensions to run in Incognito Mode

7 habits of exceptionally successful remote employees
A good read on the habits, techniques, and technologies remote workers use to do their job well.

How agile development is bringing a new, responsive era of marketing

An interesting perspective on how Agile Software Development is influencing “Agile Marketing”