TestLodge continues to expand its range of enhanced issue tracker integrations and Assembla test case management with TestLodge is the latest integration to benefit from the updates.

A dedicated test case management tool, TestLodge supports your testing needs cleanly and efficiently. By integrating with an issue tracker tool like Assembla, the process moves up another level in usability and team communication.

Assembla Test Case Management

One of the originals in the game, task management tool Assembla has been improving team communication and efficiency since 2005. With excellent task management functionality, software development teams can manage all levels of their software projects in Assembla. From time-tracking in tickets to code review and custom fields, all projects are automatically set up for agile development, allowing you to stay with the agile methodology that you’re used to.

Assembla Test Case Management Integration Functionality

Enhancing the strengths of both tools, this integration now offers the following functionality:

  • Link a TestLodge project with an Assembla Space
  • When a test case in TestLodge test management fails, a ticket in Assembla is created automatically
  • Set Assembla ticket options such as priority, assigned user and milestone directly from the TestLodge interface
  • If Assembla permissions allow, TestLodge set the reporting user of the Assembla ticket to the team member who failed the test
  • Pull back the Assembla ticket statuses into TestLodge allowing you to create re-runs based on whether a ticket has been resolved or not
  • If a test already has an associated ticket, TestLodge will keep it updated, with the added ability to reassign, change status and update the priority.

We’ve put together a short video that demonstrates from page to page, how to get started with this integration.

Assembla test management demo

As you can see, the TestLodge and Assembla integration is easy to set up and makes the process of test case management a more efficient and rewarding experience for you and your team.

TestLodge lets you to get straight on with the job as there is no fiddly software to learn first. Travel light with nothing to download, install or maintain and being cloud based means you can test anywhere. There’s a clean, modern interface to welcome you and inside are just the essentials needed for you and your team to enjoy a comprehensive testing experience with no fluff and no filler. All this time saving, efficiency and open space thinking makes for a happy team and a happy you.

Try the TestLodge and our Assembla test case management integration for yourself, with a one month free trial (No credit card required)