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Important changes to API authentication


We are making changes to its API authentication. This post explains what you need to do to be ready, and details about the changeover dates.

Software Testing Sign off Template

Software testing sign off template

A software testing sign-off template helps ensure you're communicating the outcomes of your testing project consistently with stakeholders.

Important changes: Improvements to User Authentication

TestLodge new software release

We are releasing a new update soon, which offers greater security and more choice for how you can log in to TestLodge.

Configuration Testing – An Introduction

Configuration testing

Configuration testing is a way to find out the optimal combination of hardware and software configuration for the applications to work without any defects.

Mobile App Upgrade Testing

mobile app upgrade testing

Apps are regularly updated which means that careful upgrade testing is needed to minimise the chance of one star reviews. Our post helps with how to test.

Cross Browser Testing Strategy – Tips for Being Effective

Cross browser testing strategy

Cross Browser Testing is challenging due to so many variations. This guide offers quick tips on how to plan an effective cross browser testing strategy.

Daily Standups – An Introduction Daily Standup Meetings

Daily standups

Daily standups are quick, informative meetings meant to align the team on what each person is working on, and to identiy any blockers.

V Model Testing – An introduction

v model testing

V model testing is a modified form of the waterfall SDLC model. Below, we highlight how the activities are performed for delivering quality software.

Tools for Working Remotely – Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

Tools for Working Remotely

Looking for tools to help your team work remotely? Check out our list of some of the most popular tools for working remotely today.

Agile Ceremonies: Events and processes in Agile Development

Agile Ceremonies

Agile ceremonies are a repeating sequence of meetings a scrum team holds. They ensure the team is moving in the right direction and always improving.

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