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  • Testing the Internet of Things

    Testing the internet of things

    Testing the Internet of Things and IoT devices can be a challenging task as there are often many different factors involved.

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  • Positive vs Negative vs Destructive Test Cases

    Positive negative destructive test cases

    There are various styles of test cases in software testing; positive test cases, negative test cases and destructive test cases. Each are equally important.

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  • How To Pass a ISTQB Exam

    Passing ISTBQ exam

    A few tips on to to prepare and how to pass your ISTQB exam. Including a few relevant study materials such as mock exam papers to help you pass the course.

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  • Mantis Test Case Management with TestLodge

    Mantis test management integration with TestLodge

    Our recently updated Mantis test case management integration has a whole host of exciting new features, here’s all the details.

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  • Top 5 A/B Testing Tools List

    Top a/b testing tools

    A/B Testing has recently exploded in popularity as it allows you to gather important data on conversion rates. Here’s our list of top A/B testing tools.

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  • How To Test A Responsive Website

    Responsive website testing

    Responsive website design is required for any website today. With the number of devices growing at a rapid pace, software teams are facing new challenges.

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