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  • The Importance of the Expected Outcome

    Expected outcome

    There is an often overlooked part of logging bugs, that if acted upon, can save time, money and resources. Find out how adding a little expectation can make a big difference.

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  • Introduction to Continuous Integration Testing

    Continuous Integration Testing

    Continuous Integration (CI) testing ensures code changes are being well integrated into the project codebase so we can discover any problems at an early stage.

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  • Top Continuous Integration Tools List

    Continuous Integration Tools List

    We’ve researched the existing CI tools that are available today and have put together our top continuous integration tools list.

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  • How to be Creative in QA

    Creative in qa

    Software testers need to exercise creativity if they are to perform at a high level, but how, as QA is not part of the creative process like design or coding? This post shows how software testers can bring creativity into their work.

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  • Top Cross Browser Testing Tools List

    Cross browser testing tools list

    Don’t skip multi browser compatibility testing. Use this cross browser testing tools list for help conducting tests across multiple browsers and devices.

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  • Advance your Career in Software Testing

    Advance your software testing career

    When you have been an entry-level tester for a while, you will probably start wondering what comes next. This post brings offers some ideas and suggestions for you to think about.

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