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  • Support Handover Document – Keeping Support In The Loop

    Support handover document

    Knowledge transfer plays a big role in the success of software teams. In software testing, knowledge is transferred to the testing team during the requirements analysis phase of the software testing life cycle. Once testing is complete, knowledge is transferred from the testing team to others. When testing is complete and things are moved to production, your customer support […]

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  • What is Negative Testing?

    Negative testing

    Software testing is often thought of as simply making sure the application’s features work as expected. If I do this then that should happen. Sure, this is obviously a big part of what testing involves, but if that’s all we as testers did, we’d be failing our users. Proper test coverage involves both positive and negative testing. If I […]

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  • Software Testing Life Cycle Phases (STLC)

    Software Testing Life Cycle

    There are many different activities that make up a software testing project. Software testing typically isn’t as simple as “lets see if it works”. It takes a sequence of steps that are carried out in order to validate the software. These steps or phases are what make up the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). What phases make […]

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  • Why Cross Browser Testing is Important

    Cross Browser Testing

    What is Cross Browser Testing? Cross browser testing is the process of comparing a website or web application’s functionality and design across multiple web browsers and platforms to ensure consistent behavior and functionality for the end-user.  With such a wide range of browsers, devices, and operating systems available today, cross browser testing is a crucial […]

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  • How Exploratory Testing Can Help Customer Support

    Exploratory testing and support

    We’ve talked about exploratory testing in the past… how it involves little planning, a bit of scientific thinking, and it’s fun. But who actually does exploratory testing? Chances are, if you’re a part of a software team, you’ve already done exploratory testing yourself. Maybe you’re a product manager trying out a new build, or a marketing […]

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  • The Importance of Requirements

    The importance of requirements

    Testing without requirements can be difficult. Not knowing what is required of the software poses risks in knowing what and how to test the software. After all, how can you test something if you don’t know how it’s required to work? The importance of requirements often goes overlooked. Software requirements specifications (SRS) are the foundation of the pillars of […]

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