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  • What is TDD? – An Introduction to Test Driven Development

    What is TDD?

    What is TDD? A software development approach where tests are written, before writing the bare minimum of code required for the test to be fulfilled.

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  • The Defect Life Cycle

    The Defect Life Cycle

    The Defect Life Cycle or Bug Life Cycle or is the journey of a defect or a bug from discovery to recovery. Understanding the defect life cycle is important for any tester.

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  • An Introduction to Data Driven Testing

    Data driven testing

    Data driven testing is a testing technique where you run test scripts iteratively for the input data which is saved in an external storage location such as a database, a spreadsheet or an XML file.

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  • QA and Support – Working Together

    QA and Support

    A good relationship between QA and support promotes an open, collaborative culture. There are many more benefits to QA and support working together.

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  • Test Case Sources – 6 Test Case Resources

    Test case sources

    This article suggests 6 sources / resources that will help you write more meaningful test cases with greater test coverage, and give you the leading edge.

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  • Top Defect Management Tools List

    Top defect management tools list

    There are many defect management tools available today. Choosing the right bug tracking software is important early on as it can have a lasting impact on the way your team works together. Use this list as an introduction to many of the best defect management tools out there.

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