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  • E-commerce Testing Guidelines

    E-commerce Testing

    How to make your e-commerce testing most effective using simple steps. This article presents the top 10 areas to focus while planning your e-commerce test.

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  • What is API Testing, and how best to Test an API?

    API testing

    API Testing to checking that an intermediate layer in a software system that is responsible for data communication between the data source and the Graphical User Interface works correctly.

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  • The Importance of Writing Release Notes

    Release notes

    Release notes help keep your customers and your team on the same page around new features, bug fixes, improvements, and general changes. Here are some tips for writing release notes

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  • What is Test Strategy in Software Testing

    What is test strategy?

    What is Test Strategy in Software Testing? It’s an important part of the testing lifecycle and we look what should be included in a test strategy document.

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  • Software Testers – Take Control of Your Time!


    Software testing takes a lot of time, but how can you take control of your time to finish the work faster? This post can help with better time management.

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  • C.A.L.M.S. as a Key DevOps Strategy

    DevOps strategy

    DevOps helps organizations to get one step ahead. Read how following the CALMS DevOps strategy, project efficiency can be improved even more.

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