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The Defect Life Cycle in Software Testing

Defect Life Cycle Software Testing

The defect life cycle is a sequence of steps that software testers use to find bugs or defects and then track them until fixed and signed off.

Top Defect Management Tools List

Top defect management tools list

With so many defect management tools available, the one you choose needs to make a positive contribution to the way your team works.

Bug Triage Meetings in Software Testing

Bug Triage

Regular bug triage meetings help prioritize which bugs to fix and when to fix them, which supports the delivery of higher-quality software.

How To Write Test Cases In Jira

How to write test cases in JIRA

This post shows how to write test cases in Jira and explains configuring Jira to handle test cases and customize screens for multiple results.

The Importance of Steps to Reproduce a Bug

Steps to reproduce a bug

Taking time to document the steps to reproduce a bug is crucial to getting the issue resolved quickly. We look further at why these steps are important.

How to Write a Good Bug Report

Bug report

Writing is a big part of software testing. Writing a good bug report can help save time down the road. Here are some tips on writing a good bug report.

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