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How to Prioritize QA Tasks

QA priorities

In a QA testers work day, it can be hard to know what to prioritize. Some items have higher value than others, so how do we choose and avoid overwhelm?

3 Common QA Challenges

QA challenges

Many of the QA challenges faced by software testers can be helped by better planning, scheduling and requirements being updated. Learn more about it here.

Choosing a Test Case Management Tool – Top 10 Features that you really need

Choosing a Test Case Management Tool

Some features are more important than others when it comes to choosing a Test Case Management Tool. Let us help you to work out which ones you need.

Software Testers – Take Control of Your Time!


Software testing takes a lot of time, but how can you take control of your time to finish the work faster? This post can help with better time management.

How to be Creative in QA

Creative in qa

Software testers need to exercise creativity if they are to perform at a high level, but how, as QA is not part of the creative process like design or coding? This post shows how software testers can bring creativity into their work.

Advance your Career in Software Testing

Advance your software testing career

When you have been an entry-level tester for a while, you will probably start wondering what comes next. This post brings offers some ideas and suggestions for you to think about.

Career Growth and Motivation for Software Testing Professionals

QA career growth

Software testing can get a little tedious at times. Keeping yourself motivated through professional development can keep you sharp, engaged and help you earn more in the long run.

How to Begin your Career in QA Testing

qa career

Are you looking to start a career as a software tester? We look at five different skills that will be valuable to any testing role to help you get started in your QA testing career.

How to Become a QA Problem Solver

QA problem solver

Approaching QA as a problem solver helps you to narrow down the search and find bugs more quickly. Learning to filter out areas where the bug cannot be, lets you focus your time and attention on you will find your bug.

Test Case Sources – 6 Test Case Resources

Test case sources

This article suggests 6 sources / resources that will help you write more meaningful test cases with greater test coverage, and give you the leading edge.

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