TestLodge Video Tutorials & Beginners Guide


A collection of bite-sized TestLodge tutorials

We are often asked about training materials and documentation that can help users and their team to get going with TestLodge. To do this in the most accessible way, we have produced a series of short videos that serve as both an introduction to the application and a user’s guide to help everyone get the most out of the tool.

TestLodge video training

Watch all the videos in this playlist straight through, or select one that features an area of the tool that particularly interests you.

TestLodge Training / Demonstration videos

1. TestLodge - Introduction

TestLodge video tutorial - Introduction

Of course, this is a great place to start whether you are an old hand at TestLodge or just beginning to explore everything that it can do. Have a look now, just to familiarize yourself with the tool.

2. TestLodge - Users & Roles

TestLodge video tutorial - Users and roles

As TestLodge access comes with an unlimited number of user licenses, you will probably want to add your entire team to your account so that everyone can be involved. This video will show you how to set up each member of your team as a separate user, and how to give each user different roles and access permissions within the software.

3. TestLodge - Test Plans & Requirements

TestLodge video tutorial - Test plans and requirements

This video gives a brief overview of test plans and requirements within TestLodge. It shows how to define and document your overall testing strategy, and how to create and edit your requirements.

4. TestLodge - Test Suites and Cases

TestLodge video tutorial - Test suites and cases

This video provides an overview of how to create and maintain test suites and test cases. It will walk you through the process of selecting the different settings that control how a test suite performs, adding or editing test cases within a suite, and customizing each project to suit individual test needs.

5. TestLodge - Creating Test Runs

TestLodge video tutorial - Creating test runs

This video shows how to set up a test run, either from a single test suite accessed by a single user, or from multiple suites and users. It will also show how to configure the tests for different operating systems and browsers.

6. TestLodge - Executing Test Runs

TestLodge video tutorial - Executing test runs

This video follows on from the previous one and shows how to cycle through each test case in the test runs you learned how to create and modify last time, along with the most common reports that TestLodge provides. It begins with a tour of the overview screen, and walks you through how to execute a run and then report on your run.

7. TestLodge - Issue Tracker Integration

TestLodge video tutorial - Issue tracker integrations

TestLodge integrates seamlessly with many issue tracker tools that can create issues whenever a test fails. This is one of our most useful features as it can save you a huge amount of time over entering issues manually into an issue tracker. This video shows you how to connect TestLodge to an issue tracker and how the functionality works.


While the videos do not cover every single feature in full detail, they will give you the strong foundation for comfortably using the software, and to explore the features that will be most helpful to you when first starting to use the tool.

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