In this video, we introduce the different user roles and explain what each can do. Some team members will need access to the whole project, while others will only work in one or more sections. Others still will require access to the payment account and admin. After watching this video, you will know how access is granted to different team members and what it means if you have been assigned to a particular role.

Video Transcription

Me again! I want to show you how to manage users, roles, and permissions within a project in TestLodge. Let’s get to it!

Luckily it’s very straightforward. Select the ‘People’ option from the left menu, and you’ll be shown a searchable list of all people who currently have access to your account. From here, you can invite new users and edit existing users, along with removing anyone who should no longer have access.

So what if you manage a larger scale team? We’ve got it covered – all TestLodge payment plans come with unlimited user licenses, which means you can add the entire team to your account at no extra cost!

TestLodge provides two admin roles for you to assign to the people responsible for maintaining your account. Accounts have the option for multiple Account Holders, as well as multiple Administrators. Account-holders have access to everything, including ‘Account Details,’ so they can manage the account plan, payment details, and receipts. ‘Administrators have access to everything, with the exception of the ‘Account Details.’

To assign a role, click either the ‘Account Holder’ or ‘Administrator’ button that can be found nested under the People link in the side menu, select the person to assign this role to, and click ‘Grant Privileges.’

For the people who only require access to certain projects, you can assign custom roles for each of them. To do this, you’ll first need to review your current roles, which can be done by selecting the ‘Custom Roles’ link.

Upon your account creation, TestLodge added one sample role that has read and write access to all parts of a given project. When you choose to add a new role, you’re provided with the ‘Read & Write’ option, ‘Read Only,’ and ‘No Access,’ and a different permission can be assigned to Test Plans, Requirements, Test Suites, and Cases along with Test Runs. You can edit and remove these roles at any time.

Once you’re happy with the roles, you can assign them to your chosen users in two ways. Firstly you can edit a single user’s ‘Project Access’ and select a role for each one they should have access to. Or alternatively, you can assign multiple people to a single project at the same time by managing the ‘project team’ and selecting who should have access.

So that’s our quick overview on how to manage users as well as defining and assigning custom user roles. Check out our other videos for more TestLodge tips.