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  • What does QA stand for in software?

    What does qa stand for

    What does QA stand for? Quality assurance is more than the act of testing software and reducing bugs. It is a mindset your entire team should be focused on.

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  • The Role of QA in DevOps

    QA in DevOps

    QA’s role is changing in today’s rapid environment. QA in DevOps plays a vital role in faster delivery and bridging the gap between all stakeholders.

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  • Top Requirements Management Tools List

    Requirement management tools

    All software projects have requirements. Teams need a way to manage requirements effectively. Here’s a list of requirements management tools that can help.

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  • Diplomacy in Testing

    Diplomacy in testing

    Diplomacy isn’t just for diplomats. In this blog, we learn how to build a culture of encouragement across the different areas of software testing.

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  • The Importance of Backlog Grooming

    Backlog grooming

    Backlog grooming helps keep momentum with product development. A well managed backlog means you can deliver your highest quality work at a good pace.

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  • What is DevOps? An introduction to DevOps

    What is devops

    Today’s dynamic business environment demands a high level of agility. What is DevOps and how can it improve your process? This post gives an introduction.

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