Our ClickUp test case management integration, creates a dream team for software testing efficiency. When both platforms are connected, you can raise and update tasks in ClickUp automatically whenever a test fails in TestLodge.

ClickUp test case management

Introducing ClickUp 

As ClickUp says – ClickUp was created using ClickUp. Founded in 2017 and built through a love of productivity apps, a central focus for users to manage projects end to end with zero friction was developed.

ClickUp offers a wide range of features. Software developers and testers use ClickUp as a bug or defect tracker where they can manage the details of all bugs that they find. The pairing of these two great tools helps test teams enjoy an outstanding test management and issue tracking package.

Some smart benefits to integrating with ClickUp

You’ll find some great reasons to integrate Testlodge test case management with ClickUp. You can plan, organise and collaborate across both tools to enjoy a rewardingly uncluttered testing experience.

  • Create tasks when tests fail: A new task is automatically created in ClickUp when a test fails so you don’t waste your own time manually creating them.
  • Assign existing tasks to a test: Another great time-saver is being able to associate an existing task with a test, instead of having to create a new task.
  • Pull back a task status: You can pull back a task status at any time during testing. When raised bugs have been resolved, set up reruns for all those tasks that have received fixes and are ready to be verified.
  • Add comments to existing tasks: Comments can be automatically added to tasks to keep the entire team up to date.
  • Update the task status without leaving TestLodge: For extra convenience, update the status of a task while still working in TestLodge.

Watch our ClickUp Test Management Demo Video

More about ClickUp and why this integration will work for you

Our ClickUp integration offers great advantages for you and your teams. Having everything you need working together in one place, saves time because it reduces interruptions to testing as you no longer have to toggle between tools when raising defects. This way, you can stay on the job and keep your focus for longer.

In ClickUp’s hub of tightly integrated apps, there’s a massive range of facilities with more being added regularly. So much of what we all need to do across numerous apps, OS and productivity tools can be facilitated through ClickUp. Solo and collaborative projects can be planned and organized centrally, including software testing projects with TestLodge.

How to integrate ClickUp with TestLodge

  • Go to the TestLodge Home screen and click ‘Issue trackers.’
  • Select ClickUp and follow the instructions on screen.
  • Edit a TestLodge project, then choose a ClickUp space where the tasks for failed tests are to be created.


That’s all you need to do to be set up and ready to use TestLodge with our ClickUp test case management integration straight away. If you are not already a TestLodge user, why not give it a 30-day free trial at  TestLodge.com no Credit Card Required.