Our Mantis and TestLodge issue tracker integration is the latest pairing to benefit from the range of new and enhanced features now available.

TestLodge is a dedicated test case management tool that brings a clean, organised efficiency to your testing needs. With the improved working integration between both tools, you can enjoy better communication and eliminate certain tasks that were once manually performed and in duplicate.

Mantis test management integration with TestLodge

Mantis issue tracker lets you separate raised issues into the categories of your choice using their intuitive interface. These can then be auto-assigned to developers, be tagged and trigger flexible and configurable email notifications to your team. Mantis also hosts a range of other features such as stats, graphs and time tracking that will help you to manage your software projects with greater efficiency.

MantisHub, the hosted online service for Mantis, have kindly offered all TestLodge customers who integrate with their tool a 10% discount. To take advantage of this deal when you add your payment details to Mantis, contact the MantisHub team with coupon code TESTLODGE for a 10% discount on your subscription. This great offer includes all subscription add-ons including user and storage

TestLodge – Mantis Test Management Integration Functionality

Drawing the best from both tools, the improved integration between Mantis and TestLodge now offers the following:

  • Link both your TestLodge and Mantis projects together
  • A ticket is created automatically in Mantis when a test case fails in TestLodge, removing the need for repetitive, manual writing
  • Ticket options at Mantis such as category and severity can be set directly from TestLodge
  • If Mantis permissions allow, TestLodge will set the reporting user to the team member who failed the test
  • Mantis ticket statuses can be pulled back into TestLodge to allow the Tester to create re-runs to verify all the resolved issues
  • If a test already has a Mantis ticket associated with it, TestLodge will update it and also allow the tester to change the status.

Mantis and TestLodge Test Management Video Tutorial

Take a look at our short, easy to follow video that will show you how to get started with the Mantis and TestLodge integration.

Mantis test case management video tutorial

As you can see, setting up our TestLodge and Mantis integration is easy. It makes the process of test case management a more efficient and satisfying experience for you and your team.

TestLodge lets you get straight on with your testing jobs as there is no software to learn first. There’s nothing to download, install or maintain either, and because it’s cloud based you can do your testing anywhere. TestLodge contains only well designed essentials so you and your team can enjoy a comprehensive testing experience with no fluff and no filler. All this open space thinking leads to high efficiency, saving you time and helping you and your team to accomplish so much more.

Try our TestLodge and Mantis test case management integration for yourself, with a one month free trial (No credit card required). And don’t forget to take advantage of the special 10% discount that Mantis are offering all TestLodge users.