Integrating TestLodge with our Trello test management tool integration, is appreciated by QA teams who know that fewer duplicated tasks leads to greater speed and efficiency. By twinning the two apps, lines of communication are clearer, and discovered defects are more orderly and easier to access. As a leading team management tool, Trello is used by millions of private individuals at one end, right up to the world’s largest household name companies, at the other.

Trello test management tool

Another advantage of using the integration is that cards are automatically created in Trello after a test has failed in TestLodge. Not only that, but the created card will already be populated with everything the developer needs to be able to recreate the problem. Then, when the development team have resolved all the bugs, sync the Trello data back into TestLodge so that resolved defects can be re-tested and the attached cards can be automatically updated after each fix has been verified. How convenient is that!

How to Set Up the Integration

  1. In TestLodge, click ‘Issue Trackers’ from the side menu.
  2. Choose to add a new integration, select Trello from the dropdown menu and click ‘Authenticate’ which will take you to your Trello account so you can grant access.
  3. Lastly, edit a TestLodge project and select which Trello board you would like your defects raised in. (You’ll find the ‘edit’ link on the dashboard of a project.)

Now the easy setup is complete, TestLodge and Trello will interact with each other automatically.

Features you will find in our Trello Test Management Tool Integration

We developed the TestLodge and Trello integration after some great suggestions and feedback from our users, so have given it the following functionality:

Creating Bug Reports

After a test has failed in TestLodge, a card will be created automatically in Trello that has all the information about the steps the developer needs to be able to replicate the issue. This means, you won’t have to waste time creating one manually.

Associate an Existing Card

If there is already a card for a previously found bug, and you would prefer that Testlodge updates this instead of creating a new card, then the test case can be quickly associated in TestLodge before marking the test as failed.

Card Options

Before you designate a test as failed, there is also the option of selecting different Trello card options from TestLodge like the list and assigned user.

Sync back Card Status

When you have finished testing and all issues have been resolved, you can sync back the list the card is present in. From there, you can choose which tests you want to verify from the result in TestLodge and the Trello list status. For example you might want to re-run all failed tests  along with associated cards in Trello which are in the ‘Ready for Review’ column.

Verify Fixes

When you re-run tests that have Trello cards associated, these can be updated automatically, letting you directly update the card from TestLodge.


Check out more about what TestLodge has to offer by watching our short Trello demonstration video which shows you how to setup the integration.

All TestLodge accounts can access this integration. If you don’t have one yet, sign up for a free 30 day trial and test the integration for yourself.