When visiting a site or using an app, we want action. Slow load pages, a click through to nowhere or being stuck with the never ending circle makes tempers fray. Is it too much to ask to want a smooth experience that doesn’t take an age and delivers satisfaction, not frustration?

Top performance testing tools

Your systems and software probably perform as they should on a normal day, but don’t be complacent. What about abnormal days and abnormal loads and stresses? How well do they cope then?

You have to know where bottlenecks and breaking points will appear when heavy traffic puts your systems under stress. To do this you need to use a performance testing tool specifically designed for load testing. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our blog on performance testing.

Hopefully your well planned launch campaign is a big success and your product is the talk of all the best blogs. Can your site handle the extra attention coming its way? Or as a growing e-commerce outlet, how will your software cope when the Sales start? Opportunities are lost each time a user is met by a crashed site or a broken link. If you can’t give them what they want, they’ll shift their attention to one of your competitors without giving you a second thought.

Here, we’ve pulled together a list of the market leaders and our own favourite performance testing tools for load testing, to help you to prepare your system for whatever life will throw at it. Most of these offer a free trial so you can try before choosing the best performance testing tool for your needs.

Top Performance Testing Tools:

Further details:


k6 performance testing

k6.io – Cloud-based

k6, formerly named Load Impact, continues as a market leader in load performance testing tools. It is a simple to use open source too that’s favoured for realistically creating simulated load conditions to test a site’s durability. It works by generating traffic over a confined period of time to replicate a maximum load situation. A load can be generated from ten or more international locations and automated testing can be scheduled to run overnight.


RadView performance testing

radview.com – Self-hosted

Easy to use and powerful, WebLOAD from RADVIEW is capable of analysing the demanding load variations of clients as complex as Ebay. With more than 20 year experience behind them, the app welcomes novices and the more experienced tester. With multi-protocol support, traffic can be simulated to represent users numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Detailed analysis on how well the product performs under load is provided.


Loader performance testing

loader.io – Cloud-based

A load tester for web-apps & APIs, Loader is a basic tool that is free to use. There’s the option for upgrading to a paid version that offers a more pro- service that allows, for instance, ten-minute tests instead of the standard one-minute. We’re also told the upgrade comes with “extra awesomeness”.


Loadster load testing logo

loadsterperformance.com – Self-hosted and cloud-based

Loaster prides itself on offering realistic test simulations with large, concurrent user population. These can include multiple user flows with real-world situations such as wait time variables and end user bandwidth. With rugged, greasy garage styling, the message is heavy duty and extensive load testing that can work both sides of the firewall.

Apache JMeter


jmeter.apache.org – Self-hosted

JMeter by Apache is an open-souce Java-built app that works at the level of protocols. It functions like multiple browsers  and can be used to replicate heavy loads on a network, on one or more servers or items, to assess how they perform under different kinds of loads.


LoadStorm cloud load testing tool

loadstorm.com – Cloud-based

One of the more popular tools on the market, LoadStorm is cloud-based and offers a comprehensive load testing experience. It stands apart by making in-house consulting available help beginners on their way, assist with script writing and then for the more experienced, offer solutions for a wide range of other issues. Support on offer continues through a learning center, videos and a user manual.


LoadNinja load testing

loadninja.com – Cloud-based

LoadNinja use real browsers for testing, and when its time to assess results through accessing the playback, their InstaPlay Recorder boasts a hefty 60% or more reduction in effort because of inbuilt AI.


BlazeMeter logo

blazemeter.com – Cloud-based

Recently acquired by CA Technologies, BlazeMeter offers open source-based performance testing with a large capacity for scaling up to one million concurrent users using JMeter. Offering the fasted API testing, load tests can be set against all apps, from web and mobile to APIs and microservices, validating performance at every stage. With minimal set up, it performs real-world load from the Cloud or from behind the firewall.


Wapt logo

loadtestingtool.com – Self hosted and cloud-based

WAPT is available as a mobile app, a web service or through an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for testing technologies of all sizes and specs. It can handle apps that use AJAX calls and RIA technologies as well as offering remote, distributed and cloud-based testing. It’s very easy to use, requiring no prior knowledge of programming, and like most others tools, it is a free to use service with an optional upgrade for advanced users.


dotcom-monitor logo

dotcom-monitor.com – Cloud-based

Home to a range of performance testing tools, dotcom-monitor’s load testing app is fully cloud-based with no installation or set up. There’s a creative pricing structure that starts with a 30-day free trial. You then have the choice to pay a set monthly business fee with unlimited use, or to choose a customized volume pricing program aimed at enterprise and based on usage. With a name that shows its age, dotcom monitor have been oiling the wheels of web services since 1998.


With so many performance testing tools to choose from when load testing, it’s important that you try out more than one so you can compare strengths and variations with your budget. When you’ve made your selection, don’t stop there. Make sure you iterate your current build, then check it against all upgrades and rewrites no matter how small. Products are available that can weatherproof the largest and most complex set ups, right down to a personal phone app project. Crashed software is now unacceptable so without having the excuse of blaming the system, make sure you perform your load tests.

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