We’re pleased to announce that TestLodge test management now integrates with Team Foundation Server (TFS). For those who aren’t familiar with or aren’t current users of TFS, it’s a Microsoft owned product which provides source code management, project management, issue tracking, reporting, lab management and more. TFS is used as a back end to a number of development environments as it covers the entire application lifecycle.

New release

TFS test management integration with TestLodge

This new integration between the two tools has been designed to save time and effort for TestLodge users, as it means issues can be automatically created within TFS when a test case fails in TestLodge.

Integrating TFS and TestLodge

We’ve tried to make the process of integrating the two tools as quick and easy as possible for our users. You can use the new feature by following these two simple steps:

  • Allow TestLodge to access TFS account – To enable access, simply log in to your TestLodge account and select ‘Issue trackers’ from the side menu. Choose to add a new integration, select ‘Team Foundation Server’ and then enter your TFS account URL. You will be directed back to TFS to provision access – simply hit accept when the access request appears.
  • Associate a TestLodge project – Once your TestLodge and TFS accounts have been connected, you will next need to select a TFS project to associate with an existing project in TestLodge. This TFS project is where the issues will be created if a test case fails. To do this, while within your chosen TestLodge project, select ‘Edit’ and then select your chosen TFS project from the list provided before saving your changes.

Once the setup and project configuration is completed, whenever a test fails in TestLodge, an issue will be automatically created in TFS. The issue will contain all of the information you need; including steps to replicate the issue, the expected result and the actual result. You can also select the user you wish to assign the issue to directly from TestLodge, saving further time and effort.

As a final step, once fixes have been made and you believe all the issues are resolved, you can easily re-run the failed tests via TestLodge.

Want more information?

If you’d like to see exactly how the TestLodge and TFS test management integration works we’ve created this short video over on our YouTube channel, which shows the integration working in situ.

Finally, if you’re not a TestLodge user but are interested in trying out the tool, why not consider our 30 day free trial? Visit our website to see our pricing and sign up today.

As always, we’re busy working on smaller updates to the TestLodge tool too, so make sure you’re following us over on Twitter @TestLodge to keep up to date in real time.