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QA Testing Meets Persona Development

QA Testing Meets Persona Development

This post introduces persona development, because using personas in QA testing helps testers to keep in mind that their products will be used by people.

Mental Health in Tech and Software Testing

Mental health in tech

With cases of anxiety, depression and mental health in tech and software testing, we need to face this problem head-on by changing workplace attitudes.

Persona Development Templates and Tools

Persona development templates

Use a persona development template or tool to create personas. Personas can help software designers and testers create better products for their users.

Designing and Testing Web Designs for Older People

web design for older people

Tech and websites should be accessible to everyone, so web design for older people is essential, as we move globally towards becoming an elderly population.

Working in Isolation – How to Stay Focussed and Keep your Sanity

Working in isolation

We may be used to working from home a couple of times a month. But here are some tips on working in isolation for months at a time and how to stay focused.

How to get Ahead of the Game when Mobile Accessibility Testing

Mobile Accessibility Testing

The key to your product flying through mobile accessibility testing is to consider accessibility for all at the planning stage, and not as an afterthought.

Persona Development – Identifying your Perfect Customer

Persona development

Persona Development is a creative strategy used for visualising how an imagined persona might use your product, so you can better cater for their needs.

Seven things software testers need to know about accessible design

accessible design

Accessible design should be used by software testers from the start of the process to deliver the same access for all abilities. Our 7 tips can help you.

An Introduction to 508 Compliance Testing

508 compliance testing

508 Testing is essential if you are a US federally funded agency or self-elected large business. This post gives the main details on how and why to test.

QA advice from a Disability Blogger

Disability blogger advice

“If we truly were an accessible society, I think we would be putting inclusion at the forefront of all of our projects.” Gemma Turner, Disability Blogger.

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