• Adopting Agile Methodology: Tips For Success

    Adopting agile - Tips for success

    Adopting agile can be a tough change for both software teams and customers. Preparation and experimentation are the keys to success.

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  • Benefits of Agile

    Benefits of Agile

    There are many benefits of agile, including a shorter feedback loop, more collaboration, and a higher quality end result.

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  • Agile Testing Estimation

    Agile testing estimation

    Agile testing estimation should be a collaborative effort with both the testers and developers who should produce a combined single estimate per story.

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  • QA Can Speed Up Software Development

    QA speeds up software development

    QA is often though of as a road block, but QA can actually help you speed up software development by finding bugs and usability issues early on.

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  • Agile Testing Tools List

    Agile testing tools list

    We’ve put together an agile testing tools list that can help you improve your testing efforts when working in an agile environment.

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  • Agile Testing: The Role of QA in Agile

    agile scrum stories

    What exactly is the role of QA in agile? What can a tester do to help initiate a cooperative working relationship with the development team?

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