• Diplomacy in Testing

    Diplomacy in testing

    Diplomacy isn’t just for diplomats. In this blog, we learn how to build a culture of encouragement across the different areas of software testing.

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  • How to be Creative in QA

    Creative in qa

    Software testers need to exercise creativity if they are to perform at a high level, but how, as QA is not part of the creative process like design or coding? This post shows how software testers can bring creativity into their work.

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  • QA and Support – Working Together

    QA and Support

    A good relationship between QA and support promotes an open, collaborative culture. There are many more benefits to QA and support working together.

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  • Developers And Support Should Be Friends

    Developers and support

    Developers and support should work closely together. This not only builds a strong culture, but improves quality and overall happiness of your customers.

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  • Enjoy The Process

    Enjoy the process

    How you work, the tools you use, and the people you work with are crucial parts of building a successful business. Enjoy the process!

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  • Adopting Agile Methodology: Tips For Success

    Adopting agile - Tips for success

    Adopting agile can be a tough change for both software teams and customers. Preparation and experimentation are the keys to success.

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