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How to Get your First Job as a Software Tester

software testing job

Certifications, networking, and an online presence... these are a few tips for how to get your first job as a software tester.

Are You a T-Shaped Software Tester?

T-shaped software tester

Are you a T-shaped Software Tester or do you have what it takes to be one? Here, we list the main skills needed for you to become a T-Shaped Tester.

Writing an Ideal QA Software Tester Resume

Software Tester Resume

How can I write a better software tester resume to improve my chance of being invited to interview? Read below for strong advice and practical guidance.

How to Find & Where to Hire QA Testers From

Hire QA testers

There are many different ways to hire QA testers.. from conferences, to online job postings, to connecting on social media.

Advance your Career in Software Testing

Advance your software testing career

When you have been an entry-level tester for a while, you will probably start wondering what comes next. This post brings offers some ideas and suggestions for you to think about.

Career Growth and Motivation for Software Testing Professionals

QA career growth

Software testing can get a little tedious at times. Keeping yourself motivated through professional development can keep you sharp, engaged and help you earn more in the long run.

How to Begin your Career in QA Testing

qa career

Are you looking to start a career as a software tester? We look at five different skills that will be valuable to any testing role to help you get started in your QA testing career.

Regular One-to-One Meetings: Do You Need Them?

One to one meetings

Do you have one-to-one meetings at work? Perhaps you’ve tried them but ended up considering them ineffective, here's our tips to make them work for you.

Characteristics Of A Good Software Tester

Software tester characteristics

Characteristics of a good software tester include being creative, technical, curious, a strong communicator, and a team player.

Differences Between Freelancing & Permanent QA Jobs

Freelance vs permanent job

Full-time office worker or QA freelancer? We look at 5 key differences, benefits and drawbacks between freelancing and permanent software testing jobs.

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