Issue Tracking

  • Bug Triage Meetings in Software Testing

    Bug Triage

    A regular bug triage meeting is critical in order to understand which bugs to fix, and when to fix them. By prioritizing bugs and making sure each bug report is accurate and complete, your software will hold a higher level of quality.

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  • The Importance of the Expected Outcome

    Expected outcome

    There is an often overlooked part of logging bugs, that if acted upon, can save time, money and resources. Find out how adding a little expectation can make a big difference.

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  • How To Write Test Cases In Jira

    How to write test cases in JIRA

    In this tutorial we are going to look at how to write test cases in Jira, how to configuring jira to handle test cases along with how to customize the screens so that you can add multiple results. Finally we will review how to gain a list of all cases and results filtered by a given run or release.

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  • The Steps in a Defect Life Cycle

    The Defect Life Cycle

    The stages or steps in a defect life cycle help teams to keep track of every defect or bug, throughout its existence, from being discovered to being fixed, then validated and eventually closed.

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  • Top Defect Management Tools List

    Top defect management tools list

    There are many defect management tools available today. Choosing the right bug tracking software is important early on as it can have a lasting impact on the way your team works together. Use this list as an introduction to many of the best defect management tools out there.

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  • The Importance of Steps to Reproduce a Bug

    Steps to reproduce a bug

    Taking time to document the steps to reproduce a bug is crucial to getting the issue resolved quickly. We look further at why these steps are important.

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