Testing Process

  • What is Test Strategy in Software Testing

    What is test strategy?

    What is Test Strategy in Software Testing? It’s an important part of the testing lifecycle and we look what should be included in a test strategy document.

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  • What does QA stand for in software?

    What does qa stand for

    What does QA stand for? Quality assurance is more than the act of testing software and reducing bugs. It is a mindset your entire team should be focused on.

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  • How to Become a QA Problem Solver

    QA problem solver

    Approaching QA as a problem solver helps you to narrow down the search and find bugs more quickly. Learning to filter out areas where the bug cannot be, lets you focus your time and attention on you will find your bug.

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  • A Testers Role in the Machine Learning Process

    machine learning

    Machine learning lets your system identify patterns in data and predict the future using these patterns. A tester’s role is vital in modeling these systems.

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  • Software Testing Best Practices

    Software testing best practices

    Although we cannot have a single best method, we definitely can have a range of best practices for software testing which we can work against.

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  • How To Test A Responsive Website

    Responsive website testing

    Responsive website design is required for any website today. With the number of devices growing at a rapid pace, software teams are facing new challenges.

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